1. All expenses to operate, maintain and repair the rented premises are deductible
  2. Total rents charged excluding HST.
  3. You must register for HST if your annual rent revenue exceeds $30,000.
  4. Rental losses cannot be applied against other income. Rental properties are treated as investment income
  5. Depreciation is deductible – rate depends on type of construction
  6. Automobile expenses including depreciation are deductible based on business miles driven.
  7. Receipts required for gas, oil, repairs, insurance licenses
  8. A portion of space in your home is deductible if you use an office.
  9. Home insurance, taxes, repairs, phone, internet, utilities, equipment rentals are deductible.


For efficient tax return preparation you need to supply a summary of all these expenses, the original cost and purchase date of buildings and vehicle. If possible use an excel spreadsheet to summarize.


Peter Black CPA CA

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